What you will learn:

  • Thorough knowledge  about food commodities.
  • Kitchen  fundamentals such as knife skills  and sanitation
  • Hands-on  practical skills  in food production including cooking methods and later on advanced cooking techniques and  Menu Planning 
  • International, Mediterranean & Ethnic cuisines
  • Baking  & Pastry
  • Kitchen organization and management
  • F&B Management  and Restaurant Operations
  • Soft skills including teamwork, communication, problem-solving, empathy and emotional intelligence, flexibility and adaptability
  • Business acumen and Management skills through the various modules
  • Academic writing and  research skills


Culinary arts is defined as the practice of preparing food. The definition is as broad as the field itself as there are many different culinary art careers to choose from as well as techniques one can learn about.  A career in the culinary arts requires dedication, tenacity, excellent organizational and time-management skills and above all, a passion for food.

 This is an innovative higher education program designed for future leaders in the culinary arts profession. It is a careful balance of the management and 'hands-on' skills required in this challenging field.  The program includes specific cooking techniques, specific cuisine knowledge, food aesthetics and plating, menu planning, planning and controls, food science, and business management.

This program will give students a range of managerial skills to run their own business and also a high level of practical skills to allow the restaurateur or chef to provide a unique culinary experience to their customers. Summer industry placement (internship) is an integral part of the program and the student is required to complete two paid industry placements. Upon successful completion of the two years of study and two paid industry placements, students are awarded a Swiss Alpine Diploma in Culinary Arts.

Graduates of our Culinary Arts program can be employed in restaurants, cafes, hotels, cruise ships, catering companies, large offices, big events, on yachts or in private homes. They may also be entrepreneurs and open their own business.


The aim of the first two years of study in Culinary Arts which lead to the award of the Swiss Alpine Diploma in Culinary Arts is to prepare students to become chefs and restaurant operators.  Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK validated Alpine’s program at City Unity College,  and the third year leads to the BA(Hons) International Food & Beverage Management.  The course is designed to inspire individuals to take up a managerial role in the intriguing field of Food & Beverage and related industries. 

The structure of the program provides solid foundations in culinary arts and management, including practical, creative and professional skills. It also provides direct contact with Alpine graduates who are now in leadership positions in the culinary arts world,  who are often guest speakers on the programme.

Year 1

  • Food Commodities & Culinary Principles
  • Food Production and Practicals 1
  • Food Science, Hygiene & HACCP
  • Academic Research & Writing I: Critical Perspective
  • Diversity & Social Inclusion for Hospitality & Tourism
  • Menu Planning and Design
  • Finance For Hospitality & Tourism Managers
  • Managing People and Organisations
  • Industry Placement (Internship)

Year 2

  • Food Production Theory & Practicals II
  • Academic Research and Writing II: Structure and Process
  • Nutrition in Menu Planning
  • Restaurant Operations Management
  • Food & Beverage Planning & Control
  • Financial Planning For Business
  • Human Resource Management in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Work Experience with Personal Development Planning
  • Bar and Beverage Theory
  • Industry Placement (Internship)

Year 3

  • Digital Marketing & Public Relations for Hospitality & Tourism
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Planning
  • Corporate Finance
  • Managing Food and Beverage in Competitive Environments
  • Strategic Management for Tourism and Hospitality
  • Dissertation
  • Enterprise Project
  • Hotel Logistics
  • Revenue Management
  • HR Strategy and Professional Practice

Dual Qualifications

Cardiff Metropolitan University has validated the Alpine Center program of study in Culinary Arts. Students who join the Alpine Center program at City Unity will have the opportunity to earn a British Bachelor's degree in International Food & Beverage Management awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University. Our students have the unique opportunity of graduating with dual qualifications: a Swiss Alpine Center Diploma in Culinary Arts and a BA(Hon) International Food & Beverage Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University. This makes our students very competitive and employable.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beautify of their dreams!


What our Alpiner’s Say:

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My learning experience was beyond expectations. I obtained a sound grasp of the global event industry and advanced my skills in event management. ...read more

Patrick Loutfi-Spa Management Specialization

Patrick Loutfi

Spa Management Specialization 2010

Alpine Center provides courses that cover a wide and valuable range of issues concerning the spa industry and how to operate a spa facility efficiently and effectively. ...read more

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Hospitality Management was not my first choice but it was my final one, I had a passion to work with the people and help the environment. ...read more

Panagiotis Grigoriou-Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management

Panagiotis Grigoriou

Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management 2019

I find the training I have received at the Four Seasons Astir Vouliagmeni, prior to its opening, most inspiring. I feel privileged and can foresee a brilliant career ahead of me. ...read more









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