Alpine Graduate
Maria Katsikea

‘Revenue Management: Maximizing Revenue in Hospitality Operations: an intense, prudent, and focus-oriented course!”

“In my academic and career path until today I took every opportunity to learn and grow. Having an aptitude for sports I studied Physical Education and Sports Science.

Nonetheless, I decided to change my career from the field I initially studied and to gear towards the Hospitality realm, with much of perseverance and mindfulness.

To achieve my goals, I trusted with all my heart Swiss Alpine Center, which provided me great learning opportunities, encouraged me all the way for self-improvement and rendered this lifelong education process an exciting journey that one does not want to end. It was Swiss Alpine Center who offered me the first chance to change my career life, by working in the United Kingdom, at Hilton Hotels and Resorts. It was Swiss Alpine Center and its people that never left my side through this wonderful experience and kept me motivated till now, to be honest. The professional targets and working positions are set to thrive and even more opportunities arise, once you feel confident that you have the sheer fundamentals and enhanced assets of Swiss Alpine Center.

My latest learning exploration and achievement was the certificate of ‘Revenue Management: Maximizing Revenue in Hospitality Operations’. Little can I say about this incredible, intense, prudent and focus-oriented course! Amazing, captivating, compelling! I am currently working in a close field to revenue management and this course is absolutely beneficial! I was deeply excited and eager to read it and study it, even after a hard day at work.

I genuinely believe that this course is most suitable for professionals who want  to see the big picture on how to make a hotel business profitable; it provided the knowledge, skills and competencies required to develop and execute strategic revenue management processes in your organization. Go for it now! It is most required to have an overall overview of this changing working environment we are part of and love to mark our fingertips into.”

The Revenue Management: Maximizing Revenue in Hospitality Operations course is part of the 5-course Sales & Marketing Specialization Online/ Distance Learning

Maria Katsikea, Greece