President, International Programs

The changing face of the hospitality industry: Be part of it!

In an industry forced to reinvent itself fast, post the pandemic crisis, the hospitality and tourism leaders of the future will need to be resilient, innovative, adaptable, willing to reposition, and rethink to respond to the new environment in the best way possible.

With an education offered by Swiss Alpine Center and its academic partners, you can be sure we are creating the leaders of tomorrow!

Swiss Alpine’s curricula revolve around the emphasis on new competencies that students will need to achieve to work in the ‘new’ hospitality industry including being more agile, people-oriented, customer-centric, streamlined, and having digital competencies.  Digitalization is now among the most important changes that the industry is undergoing, triggered by the fundamental change in relationships between consumers and service providers.

Alpine Center's Swiss philosophy of education in the field of hospitality and tourism focuses on the Four Pillar Approach: practical skills, professional attitude, management competencies, and a commitment to lifelong learning. That is why the campus where the programs of study are offered includes an operating hotel where students have the opportunity of applying theory into practice in the different departments.  

What sets Alpine apart from other schools in this field is Alpine’s strong professional ethos and industry links.  A leading career-focused higher education institution with a 99% employment rate, Alpine’s excellent reputation coupled with this high record are a reflection of increasing competitive advantages instilled in our students, and also reflect the dynamic efforts of our Career & Placement Office.  

Research our programs, review the credentials of our world-class faculty, read the success stories of our graduates, check our references, and then join us for a brilliant future!

Sybil Hofmann FIH
President, International Programs

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