Mission and Vision

Our Vision

After three and a half decades of service to the tourism and hospitality industry, Alpine Center has reasserted its strategic position for the future.  It is and will continue to be one of the premier hotel and tourism management schools in Europe and a leader in developing and offering quality, cutting-edge programmes of study that are recognised by industry worldwide and designed to equip students with the necessary skills to compete in a global market place.

Our Mission

As the premier hotel and tourism school , the Alpine Center will achieve its vision by the following actions: maintaining an affordable, high quality education; providing relevant programmes of study; continuing emphasis on its Swiss management philosophy – with a greater focus on higher education and professional studies; expanding on its advantage of being the leader in linking hospitality programmes and industry around the globe through education, collaboration and partnerships.

Alpine Center's leadership role in Europe and the world will continue to strengthen with its commitment to the development of the full potential of all its students in a stimulating and rigorous learning environment. It will offer continuous curricular improvement, new programmes of study (including lifelong learning opportunities for professionals), new and expanded facilities, and a total commitment to excellence in education.

Our Environment perspective

The hotel and tourism industry depends on the health of the natural environment for its success. Therefore, sustainable environmental practices do not only determine the success of tomorrow's businesses but the fate of the industry itself. Alpine faculty incorporate environmental concerns in operations and management courses, and environment-friendly installations on campus are positive proof for students that these are feasible and effective for hotel operations.

Our Aim

To welcome students who are mature, resourceful, hard working and committed to their chosen career.

To provide our students with first quality education at the Swiss Alpine Diploma,

undergraduate and postgraduate level (BA(Hons) and Master's degrees).

To help our students obtain transferable skills which will assist them on both personal and academic levels.

To offer our students great career opportunities by assisting them in finding suitable industry placements (internships) which are an integral part of their studies.

To ensure that upon graduation Alpine students are very well prepared to start their career with confidence and a positive and professional attitude

Passion is the thing that will help you create the highest expression of your talent!








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