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This course is aimed at developing the knowledge and skills of hospitality professionals and giving them the tools that are fundamental for excelling in managing security in a client oriented hotel environment. It brings the best experience based knowledge tailored to specific risks that are threatening the local hotel industry, and the best practices of assessing, planning and managing a first-rate hotel security service. It encompasses concepts that will tackle traditional risks such as crime and fraud, but also new threats like the growth of terrorism and the sophistication of hi-tech crimes

The path toward a full Career Diploma in Hospitality Security Management (CDHSM) consists of six independent certificated courses.

Duration: Approximately 30 hours for each course / 180 hours for the Diploma

Handbook: Cabric, M. (2015) ‘Corporate Security Management: Challenges, Risks and Strategies’

Audience: Although all the courses together form the full Hotel Security Management Diploma where each course is essential for Hotel Security Professionals, certain courses are extremely beneficial for other functions in the Hospitality Industry. Target audiences are listed under the title of each of the courses and explained in the following illustration.

Delivery: Each course is designed to be completed in 30 hours (Including assignments, research and self-study). All the courses are delivered entirely online and are suitable for working professionals. Although computer based, they feature close interaction with the mentor. The courses consist of a combination of texts, silent presentations, presentations with voice guidance, videos, multimedia presentations, and guided self-study. Apart from instructional material, special attention is put on live consultations with the mentors, writing assignments, discussions, guided self-study, research, discussions, formative and summative tests, and exercises with case studies.

Short Description of Individual Courses

CDHSM-001 Hotel Security Management:Theory and Practice 

Understand the Hospitality Industry, Conceptualize Hotel Security, and Comprehend How They Blend-in Together by:

  • Understanding the Risks, the Needs and the Challenges
  • Clearly Conceptualizing the Role of Security in a Client Oriented Environment
  • Balancing Between Service, Privacy and Security
  • Developing a Methodical Approach to Hotel Security

CDHSM-002 Hotel Security Management: Assessing Risks and Analyzing Vulnerabilities

Assessing Needs, Planning, and Building Strong but Flexible Fundaments of Hotel Security by:

  • Anticipating the Risks of Crime, Fraud and Terrorism
  • Discovering Vulnerabilities and Closing the Gaps
  • Understanding the Interconnectedness Between Macro and Micro Trends and Local Security

CDHSM-003 Hotel Security Management: Building and Maintaining Resilience

Combine 7 Pillars of Security: People, Physical Elements, Technology, Procedures, Information, Communication and Leadership to:

  • Design Successful Protection Strategies
  • Adjust Solutions to Specific Circumstances
  • Plan, Build and Manage a Sustainable Security Organization
  • Prevent Internal and External Crime and Fraud
  • Anticipate Terrorism and Lower the Risks and the Impact

CDHSM-004 Hotel Security Management: Handling Crisis’, Emergencies and Disasters

Assure Business Continuity, Minimize the Damage and Recover from Disasters by:

  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Anticipating Both Natural and Man-made Crisis
  • Planning for Emergencies
  • Successfully Managing Sudden Unanticipated Events
  • Properly Responding to Emergencies and Managing Their Resolution
  • Managing Crisis and Lowering their Impact
  • Minimizing Tangible and Intangible Damages Following a Disaster

CDHSM-005 Hotel Security Management: The Business Side of Hotel Security

Manage Hotel Security from a Business Perspective by Learning How to:

  • Budget Security
  • Save and Avoid Costs Without Sacrificing Resilience
  • Measure the Value That Security Adds to Sales and Marketing and How to Use it
  • Measure Performance and Manage Costs
  • Choose and Manage Service Providers and Vendors

CDHSM-006 Hotel Security Management: Situations and Events with Special Requirements

Successfully Manage, Assist or Support Situations and Events with Special Security Requirements:

  • Individual VIPs and VIP Delegations
  • Massive Open Events and Venues
  • Closed Corporate Events, Conferences and Seminars
  • Exhibitions and Other Displays of Valuables
  • Homogenous Groups that Require Special Attention

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