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The transition from “shooting targets to meeting targets” can be a true challenge, and not only because of the need to add soft skills to security doctrine. The true challenge lies in managing to successfully match security principles and philosophies with the business mindset and adopt different perspectives that require new competencies and contemporary skills.

This course is intended for security professionals who are making the transition from military and law enforcement to corporate security, for acting corporate security managers who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills and move upward in the corporate world hierarchy, and for business leaders looking to gain an in-depth understanding of one of the crucial corporate functions.


ASRM brings the carefully proportioned blend of winning security strategies and best international corporate practices in order to equip participants with unparalleled knowledge, skills and tools allowing them to:

  • Effectively assess risk and vulnerabilities
  • Plan, design and manage security setups that efficiently prevent risks, respond to incidents, and recover from disasters
  • Manage complex processes and projects
  • Match security programs with business strategies
  • Fruitfully cooperate with stakeholders
  • Lead effective security organizations in large, complex commercial enterprises.


You must possess a High School Diploma from an accredited school as evidenced by an official high school transcript showing the graduation date.In order to successfully follow the course of study and truly benefit from this premium program, you should be proficient with basic security concepts which you will prove by submitting a professional resume and three relevant references.

You must have good command of spoken and written English language to efficiently follow lectures, use resources, complete tests and assignments. In case we were not able to clearly establish your eligibility, the admission team might ask you to submit additional proof, such as documents and/or references.

Available Courses

  • Putting the core principles of security in perspective, introducing the corporate world, its values and terminology and exploring the essence of corporate security. Researching key competences, management  techniques and challenges, and introducing the internal and external risks that commercial organizations are facing.

  • Researching internal and external security threats that can affect businesses and learning how to identify and address them. Exploring incident economics and the Incident Butterfly Effect Principle. Thoroughly analyzing the concepts of vulnerability and resilience, both as actual measures and as a mindset.

  • Gaining thorough understanding of the seven essential elements of a security system, learning to develop and manage each of the elements and realizing how they blend-in together to achieve the best results in addressing both the anticipated and the unanticipated threats. Researching the best practices of securing crucial corporate processes and assets by preventing risks, responding to incidents, and recovering from crisis’ and disasters.

  • Learning the principles and strategies of protection of information and safeguarding of critical information and communication infrastructure, and digital assets, both on the level of information security governance and by understanding networks and systems and practically applying ICT security tools.

  • Structuring and performing internal and external investigations, throughout the entire life cycle of problem solving while complying with internal and external regulations and company culture, and successfully overcoming procedural, ethical, legal and hierarchical obstacles and challenges.

  • Mastering security administration such as planning, reporting, and budgeting. Quantifying incidents and losses and creating cost effective security solutions. Creating security metrics and measuring Key Performance Indicators.

  • Mastering the business dimension of security management by understanding the financial significance of security for a business. Researching how security adds tangible value to the product and/or service and how it influences the reputation of the brand.

  • Understanding different security requirements and competences depending on industry related business models, different types of product or service, and diverse business processes.

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What our Alpiner’s Say:

I’ve loved my time here in Alpine. The course subjects were very interesting, specific in their aims and broad in their teaching. ...read more

From day one we learned to always push ourselves beyond excellence and then push some more. Its true what they say about the alpine formula: ALPINE= Professionalism + Education + Personality. ...read more

I’ve been given the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who soon became like my second family, as well as the doorstep to travel the world both while I study and later when I begin working. ...read more

Panagiotis Grigoriou-Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management

Panagiotis Grigoriou

Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management 2019

I find the training I have received at the Four Seasons Astir Vouliagmeni, prior to its opening, most inspiring. I feel privileged and can foresee a brilliant career ahead of me. ...read more

Alpine Center gives great opportunities to its students, and as a Culinary Arts graduate I really want to thank all the teachers as they have done the best job. ...read more

I am a proud graduate of the Alpine Centre, the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management.   Being from Lebanon,  I chose to study at this Swiss school’s campus located in Greece. ...read more

The biggest thank you to all to all my lecturers over the years. You were the best I could ever hope for! ...read more

Patrick Loutfi-Spa Management Specialization

Patrick Loutfi

Spa Management Specialization 2010

Alpine Center provides courses that cover a wide and valuable range of issues concerning the spa industry and how to operate a spa facility efficiently and effectively. ...read more

I gained more than I bargained for thanks to the Alpine family with the chance to interact with individuals from different corners of the world and society, network with successful professionals and organizations ...read more

I would highly recommend Alpine Center to potential students who wish to build a career in the challenging world of hospitality, and to gain international work experience. ...read more

Alexander Kyramarios-Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management

Alexander Kyramarios

Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management 2010

The fresh, exciting and relevant classes offered by Alpine Center suited my needs perfectly. ...read more

Sandra Preye Nelson Charpidou-BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Sandra Preye Nelson Charpidou

BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management 2020

The program of study is so comprehensive that now at the end of my studies I can’t just believe how much I have learned about the details that are so important and make a difference in a successful hotel operation. ...read more

Distance Learning is ideal for working people who want to raise the bar and move forward in their career! ...read more

To achieve my goals, I trusted with all my heart Swiss Alpine Center, which provided me great learning opportunities, encouraged me all the way for self-improvement and rendered this lifelong education process an exciting journey that one does not want to end. ...read more

Swiss Alpine Center, one of the premier Hospitality & Tourism Business Schools in Europe, was my first and final choice when I decided to further my education. ...read more









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