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Cruise Management Diploma

India, Greece
2 years

Diploma in Hospitality & Cruise Ship Management

The course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the hospitality operations part of a cruise, as well as providing an essential understanding of elements relating to life and work on a cruise ship. In addition to being introduced to the wider world of the cruise industry, its history, players, customers, regulations, concerns such as safety, security, professionalism etc., students will be studying specialist operational elements such as front office, customer service, effective communication, essential information technology skills etc.

Students who then continue to the Hospitality and Cruise Ship Management Diploma course will enhance their knowledge of the business and management of ocean cruises and operational issues involved, but also approach wider managerial issues such as personnel management, organisational behaviour, research methods etc. at an advanced level.

The course, headed by an experienced and accomplished professional in hospitality operations on cruise ships will also include guest lectures by cruise industry professionals and student visits to cruise ships in order to ensure an engaging delivery of the latest knowledge and issues in this exciting field.

After completing six months' study (Semester 1) you will be given the opportunity to gain insight and confidence in the hospitality industry by completing a period of industry placement at a 5-star hotel. This placement is an important element of the course and will enable you to put the theoretical knowledge and skills you have gained during your studies into professional practice. An important part of your placement will be the written report that you must submit at the end of your placement, in which you have to identify a problem area in the hospitality operations area and recommend solutions or improvements.


The aim of the course is to prepare students for employment in the international cruise ship industry.

The necessary practical skills are developed early in the programme to ensure that students are able to operate quickly and competently within a cruise ship hospitality environment. Management competencies are developed throughout the programme to provide the tools for assuming greater unit and people responsibility over time.

Learning Outcomes

On the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • use technical and inter-personal skills and knowledge to propose and evaluate practical and theoretical solutions to complex problems in the core areas of cruise ship hotel operations management;
  • apply principles and practices of hotel management;
  • identify and respond appropriately to the diversity that prevails within the cruise ship industry in relation to its stakeholders;
  • evaluate and apply within the hotel management context, appropriate theories and concepts from generic management areas, e.g. managing people, hospitality operations management, managing business performance and business communication;
  • analyse and evaluate the defining characteristics of cruise ship hospitality as a phenomenon, e.g. the different cultural aspects of hospitality;
  • analyse and evaluate the impact of international tourism on the cruise ship industry, and hospitality operations management in particular.


First Year
Second Year
  • The Cruise Ship Industry
    Customer Service & Effective Communication
    Cruise Ship Basics
    Front Office Operations
    Housekeeping Operations & Application
    Food & Beverage Service Management
    Food & Beverage Practicals
    Culinary Theory
    Property Management Systems
    Managerial Accounting
    Essential IT and Research Skills
    Professionalism Seminar
    Industry Placement in a 5 star hotel
  • Cruise Operations
    Food & Beverage Operations Management on Cruise Ships
    The Business & Management of Ocean Cruises
    Financial Accounting
    Human Resources Management
    Organisational Behaviour
    Hospitality, Tourism & Events Marketing & Sales
    Fundamental Methods of Enquiry
    Integrated Project
    Professionalism Seminar
    Industry Placement on a cruise ship
  • First Year Industry Placement in a 5 star hotel
    Second Year Industry Placement on a Cruise Ship
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