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Message from Sybil Hofmann

Sybil HofmannDear Prospective Student

Are you considering a career in the hospitality and tourism industry?  If so, congratulations, for you are choosing a career with one of the highest employability prospects throughout the world.

The travel and tourism industry has experienced unprecedented growth over the last three decades and the outlook for future growth is even more impressive.  Our industry is one of the world's largest generators of wealth and jobs.  New and surprising trends have emerged from the global expansion of our industry in virtually every corner of the world.  Today, almost every sector of the economy is reaping the benefits.

Since the establishment of its first European school in Greece in 1987, global Education Alliance that is now known as Alpine Center, Switzerland is presently expanding to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Alpine Center's outstanding successful operation in Greece has captured the interest of many investors in a number of countries where hospitality and tourism education is in great demand as a result of recent tourism developments. It goes without saying that quality higher education is paramount to the sustainable success of an emerging tourism destination.

It is therefore not surprising that Alpine Center, Switzerland has been invited to contribute its expertise in hospitality and tourism management higher education in a number of countries.  In February 2013 Alpine Center India opened its doors in Goa welcoming students interested in pursuing hospitality management education 'a la Suisse'.  In Malaysia the Asian Metropolitan University aims to franchise Alpine's programmes in Fall 2013.  In Russia a number of universities are interested in offering the renowned Swiss programmes of study in their institutions of higher learning.

Alpine Center's graduates are in leading positions all over the globe. Our rich portfolio of courses includes Hotel Management, Culinary Arts, Travel & Tourism Management, Spa Management, Events & Conventions Management, Hospitality & Cruise Ship Management, Yacht Operations Management, at the Certificate, Diploma, undergraduate & postgraduate levels. At the Goa campus, Alpine Center will commence by offering two programmes of study: a Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hospitality & Cruise Ship Management course, and a Swiss Higher Diploma in Hotel Management with a concentration in Events & Conventions Management. Students aspiring to continue their studies further may transfer to Greece to complete the requirements of a Bachelor's or Master's degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Management or International Hospitality & Tourism Leadership, respectively.

Alpine Center's Swiss philosophy of education in the field of hospitality and tourism focuses on the Four Pillar Approach: practical skills, professional attitude, management competencies, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Industry placement or internships are integral parts of the curriculum and Alpine's Career & Placement office takes pride in assisting students in finding appropriate placements in leading hotels or on cruise ships.

Alpine has established itself as the leading career-focused higher education institution with a 100% employment placement rate.  This record and reputation is a reflection of increasing competitive advantages instilled in our students, and also reflects the dynamic efforts of our Career & Placement Office.

Research our programmes, review the credentials of our world-class faculty, read the success stories of our graduates, check our references, and then join us for a brilliant future!

Yours sincerely

Sybil Hofmann FIH
President, International Collaborations
Global Education Alliance
Alpine Center, Switzerland


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