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Themis Trakas , Visiting Lecturer on the Integrated Project Module

On 21 October, Mr Themis Trakas, Associate Director of HVS Athens Office and a valuable alumnus of Alpine Center, Class of 1991, accepted the invitation of Mr Yannis Megaloeconomou, Lecturer in Accounting & Finance and Course Tutor of the HMD and HMVD cohorts, to deliver a lecture on hotel feasibility studies that constitute the Integrated Project module.

Themis Trakas at Alpine Center

The lecture was very well received by all the students who thought Themis was most inspiring, encouraging and motivating. Eight teams of 4 or 5 students will start planning and working on their integrated project which they will present in front of a panel of investors towards the end of the academic year!  Themis stressed the importance of working as a team with all members of the team contributing equally, advance planning and preparation, and creating a project concept that constitutes a Unique Selling Proposition regarding location and product. He left the students with one of his favorite quotes by E.M. Statler: “Life is Service—the one who progresses is the one who gives his fellow men a little more—a little better service.”


Themis Trakas at Alpine Center


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