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John Romaios
BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hotel Management Testimonial Alpine Center John Romaios 

Testimonial from John Romaios at the Hilton, Amsterdam

Alpine Center: a solid ground to take off towards hospitality management.

 A big advantage of studying on the Swiss Alpine Center program at City Unity Education Group is the fact that one must complete two internships in luxury hotels in two years. 

 I had the opportunity to do both of my internships at the Athenaeum InterContinental in Athens where I worked in different departments and while finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I got accepted in their Management Training program. 

 Continuing my professional journey, I went to Sofitel Athens Airport, then Sofitel Legend The Grand in Amsterdam and currently in the Conferences & Events Sales of Hilton Amsterdam. 

 Building a strong academic base which also gives you the benefit of doing an internship within an international framework, can open a whole new world of opportunities.

 When it comes to investing in education, studying in an environment where everything runs as smoothly and accurately as the hands of a Swiss watch, Alpine Center is the place to be:

 Well-structured curricula with a caring Faculty that carry a strong professional background and provide you with the necessary guidelines to cultivate your skills and knowledge to succeed.

 I graduated with a Swiss Alpine Center and a University of Wales BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management in 2013.

 3 great years that will always stay in my mind!


John Romaios,



Sandra Preye Nelson Charpidou
BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hotel Management Testimonial Alpine Center Sandra Preye

My name is  Sandra Preye Nelson Charpidou.  I come from Nigeria but I live in Greece since my husband comes from this beautiful country.  Three years ago, I decided to change careers and embark on one in the prosperous tourism industry since Greece was and is still undergoing a huge growth, offering great career opportunities.

I joined Alpine Center, the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management that offers its programs at City Unity Education Group.  The program of study is so comprehensive that now at the end of my studies I can’t just believe how much I have learned about the details that are so important and make a difference in a successful hotel operation. Besides learning about the various departments as Front Office, Food & Beverage, Culinary concepts, the business component taught me how to manage a profitable hotel.  Finance for managers, human resources management, sales and marketing, research, entrepreneurship and business planning including the strategic business project all equipped me with so many skills that I am now so eager to put into practice and build my career!  Thank you Alpine for your tender loving care! 

Thank you, Mrs Hofmann, for encouraging me and mentoring me all through these three years. I am so privileged to be a graduate of Alpine/City Unity College where I also studied on the Cardiff Metropolitan Bachelor’s degree.  I will make you all very proud!




Roman Chashka
Hospitality Management Diploma

Hotel Management Testimonial Alpine Center Roman Chashka

My name is Roman Chashka and I am from Ukraine.  I was interested in studying hotel management but was unable to attend a program of study on campus!  My next best option was to study online.  I enrolled on the 12 course Hospitality Management Diploma offered by Alpine Center in collaboration with their partner AHLEI.  I took control of my professional development and studied at my own pace and on my own schedule. Two years later I am so pleased to have learned so much and have earned the prestigious awards from both Alpine & AHLEI.  I immediately received an offer to be placed in the hotel industry by the Career and Placement office of Alpine which I appreciated.
If you are interested in embarking on a career in hotel management, Alpine Center will be an excellent springboard for the start of your career!


Roman  Chashka,  Ukraine



Samer Al-Kantar
Hotel Operations, 1997


My name is Samer Al-Kantar and I am a proud graduate of the Alpine Centre, the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management.   Being from Lebanon,  I chose to study at this Swiss school’s campus located in Greece.

I specialized in the Rooms Division Department and between 1998 and 2012 I had the great pleasure to work in big chain hotels such as the Marriott, Intercontinental, Rotana, Hyatt, Sheraton & Movenpick Hotels & Resorts in the Middle East and United Arab Emirates.  I started as a supervisor and made my way up to top management as Executive Housekeeper reporting to the Executive Committee and was responsible for new hotel openings.

After this fruitful experience, I was eager to widen my horizons and explore greater opportunities! I advanced into Facilities Management including Operations & Maintenance at King Abdullah Port, one of the leading ports in the world located in the Arabian Peninsula.  The Port is planning a huge expansion that will make it the biggest port in the world in 2025.  I attribute my success to the principle of Excellence in Service that I have adopted over the years and that has served me well. 

I was listed in the Hotelier Awards Shortlist: Housekeeper of the Year when I worked as    Executive Housekeeper, Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach.  Here’s what my employer had to say:  ‘Samer is practical, hard working, loyal, friendly and most importantly comes up with innovative ideas for development of the hotel and staff.

The secret to my success as a Senior Manager is attributed to the many learning experiences that I have acquired and the learnings from leaders such as  J.W.Marriott who said: “Take good care of your employees, motivate them, care about them, and make winners out of them…they will treat the customers right! And if the customers are treated right, they’ll come back!”   I remind my staff that they should have passion for their work:  “If you love it, you have it!   if you don’t do it from the heart, drop it! Live, love and enjoy the journey!”


Samer Al-Kantar

Sr. Manager Facilities Management Services

Rachel Elson
BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management

My name is Rachel Elson, I am 21 years old from Zambia, Africa and have recently completed the first year of the International Hospitality & Tourism Management program of study in Athens, Greece and will be performing my first internship at Aegon Hotel, a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel in the renowned Mykonos island. When I finished high school, I never imagined myself to be studying in Greece let alone studying to become a part of the hospitality industry, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Alpine Center is a perfect place to set you off on the success ladder into the hospitality industry. Being both a theoretical and a practical college it equips you for everything you’ll be needing once you graduate. I’ve been given the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who soon become like my second family, as well as the doorstep to travel the world both while I study and later when I begin working.


Reginald Muteiwa,
Swiss Alpine Center Culinary Arts Diploma


My name is Reginald Muteiwa, I am 20 years old straight out of the heart of southern Africa, Zimbabwe. I am currently studying my first year of the Swiss Alpine Center Culinary Arts Diploma offered at City Unity and on the road to beginning my first internship at Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort in Heraklion, on the lovely island of Crete in Greece.

I discovered the Swiss Alpine Centre by chance on a seemingly endless search to find the right institution that fit my needs and curiosity into the depth of Mediterranean cuisine and provided a gateway to fully express my love for food. I gained more than I bargained for thanks to the Alpine family with the chance to interact with individuals from different corners of the world and society, network with successful professionals and organizations within the tourism industry and also gain an education like no other that focused on cultivating practical skills, work place professionalism, encouraged full on teaching of all aspects of the hotel and tourism industry not only limited to your field of study and most importantly showed me that the world is an oyster of opportunity open to anyone no matter where you come from or who you are. It's an added bonus that I had chance to study in one of the most beautiful countries on earth, and made life long memories and friendships that I am truly grateful for. Opa!

Panagiotis Grigoriou
Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management

During my 2 years of study at Alpine Center through City Unity I gathered exceptional and valuable experiences which prepared me to work at the most luxurious hotels in the two internships that I had to complete.  My first internship at the Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel was excellent as I was rotated in various departments.  Now in my second internship, I find the training I have received at the Four Seasons Astir Vouliagmeni, prior to its opening, most inspiring.  I feel privileged and can foresee a brilliant career ahead of me.  This is thanks to Alpine’s Swiss philosophy in training and educating future leaders in the industry which focus on blending practical training with classroom theory and at the same time instilling in us a professional attitude that makes us stand out in the crowd. I highly recommend this college as the best one out there!


Leila Vuap
Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management & BA(Hons) International Hospitality Management


My parents who come from Hungary but live in Romania spent many summer holidays in Greece, always staying at the lovely Palmyra Beach Hotel.  That’s how I came to learn of the Swiss Alpine Center where I enrolled on my hotel management studies in 2016.

My 3 years of study at Alpine Center/City Unity College were the most memorable years of my life.  I enjoyed the learning experience where classes were interactive and the lecturers highly qualified.  I am now prepared to begin my real-world career.  The most I liked about this college is that students need to complete summer internships in order to practice and develop the skills they have learned during the academic semesters.

I have completed my most unforgettable internship in the luxurious 5-star St Regis Hotel in Doha, Qatar:  a 5 months’ internship filled with challenges, learning new skills and techniques, learning how to deal with demanding customers, and how to continuously be at your best.  The employee environment was excellent.  I trained as a Front Desk agent and Butler Service agent under circumstances that surely made me more prepared for any kind of challenges that I will encounter in my upcoming career.

Furthermore, during my internship in Doha I met the most precious person to me who is my future husband.  I also have to say, that through the help and encouragement of the wonderful Mrs Sybil Hofmann, I succeeded in achieving the goals I have set and will be graduating with a Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management and a BA(Hons) International Hospitality Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.


Philippe Charalambopoulos

BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2017

Hospitality Management was not my first choice but it was my final one. I had already attended two other colleges with completely different majors, environmental sciences in the US and music production in the UK. Besides being an avid music lover, I had a passion to work with the people and help the environment. I experienced this first hand when I volunteered in various countries both in South East Asia and in East Africa. For me this was an education, something you can never learn in a classroom but only through experiences, mistakes that in the end become life lessons. I learnt more from poor local farmers than my environmental science professor could ever teach me in class. Working more with the local communities in each country, I fell in love with volunteering and at a younger age, hoped I could do this for the rest of my life. Reality, however, hit me hard and I knew volunteering would not be sustainable for me in the long run. Returning to Athens from Kenya, I made a vow that I will return and continue to help these people whenever I have the chance. Now, I had to think what career path I wanted to follow. I would have never thought hospitality, until my mother and a few friends suggested the idea to me and informed me there was an excellent college for that, right in my home city, Glyfada!

Read the full success story on our blog



Pavlos Tsouchlaris

MSc International Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2016

The name “Alpine Center” is synonymous with eminent success and high-reaching progress through setting goals and achieving them.  When I enrolled at City Unity College to follow the Swiss Alpine Center program of study in hotel management, I had heard so many success stories about graduates who have soared in their careers.  I was truly motivated and now after having graduated in 2016 with the MSc International Hospitality & Tourism Management degree awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University, also affiliated with City Unity College,  I have begun to  make my own success story.

I was privileged during my years of study as an Alpiner to have two internships at the Athens Hilton, and upon graduation I was offered the position of Coordinator in the Events & Conventions Department.  Everyday my team and I are responsible for organizing all kinds of events, from small private meetings to international conventions for large corporations.  The diversity of the work makes it so interesting, and the contact with customers and with my colleague is very energizing and motivating.

When I look back at the years I spent at Alpine Center & City Unity College, fond memories of the caring faculty and staff rush to my mind.  From the Academic Dean to each and every lecturer, their commitment to the students’ success is amazing and highly appreciated.  The tender, loving care of the staff from the Admissions Manager, Mrs Anastasia Konstantinidou to the Student Services Officer Mrs Manuela Pasche Alvertos and the Career & Placement Manager, Mrs Pigi Mantzouratou taught us how to be passionate about the people who care about you, and how to do things right!  And lastly, the inspiration given to me by the President of Alpine Center’s International Programs, Mrs Sybil Hofmann is still driving me to achieve even more in my chosen career!  Without her I wouldn't be here today. Alpine Center was, and still is, the best choice I have ever made !

 Pavlos Tsouchlaris. Greece.  MSc Hospitality & Tourism Management. 




Polina Sepirjova

My name is Polina Sepirjova and I am a graduate of Alpine Centre, year 2013.  I hold two qualifications:  A Swiss Diploma in Hotel Management from Alpine Center and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

My first taste of working in the industry came as a first internship in my first year of studies at the reputable Sani Hotels in Chalkidiki where I was a Receptionist.  The first six month of my studies coupled with this internship changed me completely, from a very shy and quite person to a confident and vibrant person, open-minded and patient, responsible and ambitious.  My second internship started at Burj Al Arab, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world,  where I was employed as a Guest Services Executive, and after just 8 month was promoted to another position – Rooms Controller. This experience is unforgettable. I met many celebrities, shook hands with the President of America, accommodated many Royal Families, and much more. Sounds good? That was just the beginning! My sense of adventure took me further and for the next two years  I was employed by another huge company in UAE, the Emirates Airlines. I travelled as a  Cabin Crew all over the world and my office was the whole sky. My dream came true! I was in Paris and saw Eiffel Tower, went to the biggest casino in Monte Carlo, climbed the Chinas Great Wall, went to New York City on top of Empire State building, had a walk in Walk of fame in Los Angeles, touched penguins in Cape Town, did bungee jumping in New Zeeland, even tried costume of samba dancers in Rio de Janeiro…among many other exciting things! This whole journey of adventure taught me how to love life, live without any regrets, how to enjoy the moment!

Greece Bachelor’s in International Hospitality & Tourism Management 2013


Daria Rarenko

My name is Daria Rarenko. Studying for a Master’s degree at Alpine Center helped me acquire work experience in a tourism business  environments and gave me varied skills and the ability to work with many different types of people of different cultures, and basically to fit easily into the team.

 I learned how to take initiatives, be responsible, and become a valuable team member, which is key to a successful career.

 I have become very interested and motivated in working as a Project Manager for the M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, and Conventions & Exhibitions) Department in Ambotis Air Services Company.

My responsibilities included planning, organizing and coordinating M.I.C.E Projects in Greece and EU.   I was engaged to work in M.I.C.E projects with an average budget starting from 50.000 to 1.000000 euro with the net profit 20 - 30 %.  Another exciting aspect of my work is my involvement in organizing and coordinating wedding projects with the average revenue starting from 600 - 500.000 euro. 

Greece MA International Hospitality & Tourism Leadership 2013


Alexander Kyramarios

Education is a must if we are going to move tourism forward in Greece. Having practical experience in the field of travel and tourism, I felt a more theoretical base was needed to progress my career. This is why I chose Alpine Center for my place of studies. The fresh, exciting and relevant classes offered by Alpine Center suited my needs perfectly. Alexander Kyramarios, Rhodes, Greece Travel & Tourism Management 2010


Phaedra ClarkeWhen I first came to Alpine three years ago, my expectations were high, and I was the most excited person in the world. Fresh out of high-school with 1000 dreams and I wanted to accomplish them all. I’m happy to say my expectations where not only met, but far surpassed. I am now finishing my third and final year at Alpine Center, and I feel ready to take my next steps into the world, having accomplished the first of my 1000 dreams: getting an International Hospitality Degree. Thank you President Hofmann, you've been inspirational. The biggest thank you to all to all my lecturers over the years. You were the best I could ever hope for! Phaedra Clarke, Australia, Bachelor’s in International Hospitality & Tourism Management 2010


Patrick LoutfiAlpine Center provides courses that cover a wide and valuable range of issues concerning the spa industry and how to operate a spa facility efficiently and effectively. The core courses went into detail about theoretical aspects of managing a spa such as retail, maintenance, operations, information technology, and front and back offices. The teachers are highly qualified and enthusiastic and experienced within the field, adding a very unique element to the world-class learning environment. Patrick Loutfi, Canada, Spa Management Diploma 2010


Irene KapetanakisAlpine Center has provided me comprehensive foundation in order to succeed in the hospitality industry. My experience was exceptional; both academic and practical classes gave me the confidence to implement my knowledge and fully commit myself into a bright and successful future. I would highly recommend Alpine Center to potential students who wish to build a career in the challenging world of hospitality, and to gain international work experience. This summer I will be doing my internship at the Ritz Carlton in Dublin, Ireland! Irene Kapetanaki, Crete, Greece, Hotel Management 2010 


Ammar RifaiAlpine center is not just a school that provides you with valuable knowledge and training for your professional life, Alpine is an experience that will change your life forever. This goes far beyond the very capable, professional and always helpful academic staff, the intensive on-campus training programs and the challenging industry placement. From day one we learned to always push ourselves beyond excellence and then push some more. Its true what they say about the alpine formula: ALPINE= Professionalism + Education + Personality. Ammar Rifai, Syria, Bachelors in International Food & Beverage Management 2010


Anna Prikhodko“Being a student at Alpine Center is a great opportunity to experience living and studying abroad. I loved the study atmosphere at Alpine, where students from different countries can sit together in groups, discuss questions and learn from each other. It has helped me prepare for the future in so many ways, but mostly by giving me the confidence to fulfill my career dreams. Anna Prikhodko, Russia, Foundation Programme 2010


Yana GarbouzAlpine Center gives great opportunities to its students, and as a Culinary Arts graduate I really want to thank all the teachers as they have done the best job. Alpine Center is a great place which helps students from all over the world get involved in the hospitality industry. The experiences we got here and the people we met will be memorable for a lifetime. I really will miss Chef Ruedi and the atmosphere of Alpine! Yana Garbuz, Russia, Culinary Arts Diploma, 2010


Rhonda LeungI decided to go into the culinary industry in the last year of high school. After living in Hong Kong for so many years, I decided study abroad. Luckily, my mother has a friend whose son studied at Alpine two years ago. That’s how I learnt about this college. As soon as I came here, I was delighted to learn that most of the people's first language is not English, and I feel safer already to be here. The faculty and students are very nice. I’ve loved my time here in Alpine. The course subjects were very interesting, specific in their aims and broad in their teaching. Assimilating into a new culture and environment was as fun and rewarding as the academic work was challenging.  Rhonda Leung, Hong Kong, Culinary Arts Certificate, 2010


SalmuhanaAlpine Center, as a tourism and hospitality college, has a wide range of services in place to support the academic, personal and spiritual needs of international students. . The Master’s degree I am pursuing is a superior qualification, conferred by the University of Wales, that will help me develop and change my career. Alpine’s lecturers gave me in-depth knowledge and skills that will enhance my knowledge in leadership. The teaching and administrative staff are first class and the Academic Dean is most supportive. „ Saad Al Muhanna, Saudi Arabia, Master’s International Hospitality & Tourism Leadership 2010


Melanie BoundouroglouI have great memories of my first year at Alpine Center and many more to make. Alpine Center has helped me improve my management skills, organizational skills and people skills. Everyone at Alpine is always friendly and helpful, which makes first-year students feel comfortable and welcome. The teachers are very enthusiastic about teaching and this made it easier to understand the material. I am very pleased with the Events and Conventions Management course. I have gained many positive experiences by working at exhibitions and conferences such as Xenia and IMIC. I am very glad that I decided to come to Alpine and I am very excited to find out what the next couple of years will bring. Melanie Bountouroglou, Tunisia, Events & Conventions Management 2010


George KouloupsouzisThe combination of interesting theory and challenging practicals at Alpine is another big step on the ladder for my career success. You gain invaluable international experience and perspectives, invaluable personal and professional skills, and an invaluable group of friends from all over the world that makes Alpine a really worthwhile experience. George Kouloupsouzis, Greece, Hotel Management 2010"


Baanetse MokoapeI loved my time here at Alpine. This is such a great family with the opportunity to create lifelong friendships with people from many diverse cultures brought together by similar interests. I have enjoyed how this course was able to integrate events and hotel management in a unique and valuable way. The small size of the class enables you to settle more easily into college life and allows for more innovative and fun learning methods.„ Baanetse Mokoape, South Africa, Hotel Management 2010"


Tin NweI loved my first year at Alpine Center for many reasons. Firstly, because of the international environment, with students from 45 different countries sharing similar interests. Secondly, the opportunities for student activities and community involvement are endless. Thirdly, and most importantly, the top notch education programmes combined with personal growth prospects are priceless. I couldn’t have chosen a better institution. And although Alpine’s faculty are very caring and nurturing, do not expect them to hold your hand. They facilitate your studying and research and spend considerable time with students who show interest. I am fortunate and proud to be an Alpiner! Tin Nwe Tun, Myanmar, Travel & Tourism Management 2010


I was really excited to come and study at Alpine Center for many reasons. It offers a combination of both practical and theory classes which helped establish a strong foundation of knowledge and experience for my future career. More importantly, the course gave me the transferable skills so highly sought after in the workplace today. I developed the ability to problem-solve logically and research thoroughly, write convincingly and communicate effectively, as well as work with discipline and as part of a team. Bravo Alpine. Thayana Mubila, Zambia, Hotel Management 2010


Julie Fornero“Choosing Alpine Center was a life-changing decision for me. The faculty has been extremely helpful and caring. They work hard to make sure each and every student receives a quality learning experience. Alpine’s many international students introduced me to many different cultures which will benefit me greatly in the international world of hospitality. The practical lessons at Alpine also prepare students for their future careers, giving them numerous skills and the confidence to execute them professionally. My time at Alpine Center has helped me develop as a person and a professional, and I am very grateful for the wonderful experiences I’ve had here. Julie Fornero, USA, Culinary Arts Certificate 2006

Katerina KoshelevaDuring the first few days of my new life here in Greece, I didn’t know anyone. The people and language were all new to me. But here at Alpine Center, I found that I settled in and made many friends quickly. Not only does Alpine offer a top-quality education, it also offers a friendly and family environment. I am currently a first-year student studying Travel and Tourism, and Alpine has really opened my eyes to see the exciting inner workings of the real world of the global hospitality industry. Katerina Kosheleva, Russia, Travel & Tourism HND 2006


Elizaveta PlakhinaThe Master’s degree programme at Alpine Center has been the most challenging thing in my life. My first reaction was: “What? How is it possible to fulfill all these tasks and meet all of these expectations?” But I did it! And now I won’t be afraid if a future employer gives me seemingly “impossible” tasks and responsibilities. Alpine taught me that nothing is impossible. Elizaveta Plakhina, Russia, MA International Hospitality & Tourism Leadership 2006


Emil GoetschAlpine Center, the Swiss Business School for Hotel and Tourism Management Education in Greece, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was given this generous opportunity by my parents Bernadette and Emil Goetsch to follow in my brother Roman's footsteps and study at Alpine, leading to a BA (Hons) degree in Hospitality & Tourism management. My deepest thank you goes out to my parents, brother and twin sister Chantelle for all their emotional and financial support. Without you I would not be here today. A gigantic thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Hofmann, all my lecturer's, the management team and staff at Alpine for giving me their knowledge and wisdom to pursue my dreams. The world is one’s oyster, I found mine at Alpine. Emil Goetsch, Switzerland, BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management 2006


Vangelis KaralisThe Culinary Arts course was my first choice at Alpine Center. It is an internationally respected Swiss educational model which gives students the opportunity to learn from both academic and practical methods. The friendly and rich learning environment at Alpine helps students gain confidence and succeed in his/her future. Vangelis Karalis, Greece, Culinary Arts Diploma 2006


Effie GeorgiouAlpine was my passport to the hotel business world. It provides you with the skills and confidence to meet your immediate and future professional goals and at the same time it allows you to work, travel and create a fabulous resume. I recommend Alpine to anyone wanting to develop a strong and practical foundation for success in the international hospitality and tourism management industry. Effie Georgiou, Greece, BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management 2006


Socratis GikakisThe last two years at Alpine have helped me open my mind and understand the world of hospitality in a truly global way. Alpine helped me become more professional and has provided me with unlimited opportunities to choose from for my future career. I am very honored and proud to be a student and future graduate of Alpine Center.  Socratis Gikakis, Greece, Hospitality Management Diploma 2006


Alexandru BrijatiiAt Alpine Center I gained the self-confidence, professionalism and skills needed for an exciting career. As a Travel & Tourism student I look forward to exploring the challenging world of hospitality with all its mysteries and surprises. Being part of Alpine’s multinational family helped me to understand different cultures and customs. In this caring environment I developed many new lifelong friends. I am positive that becoming a student at Alpine was one of the most important steps in my life. Alexandru Brijatii, Moldova, Travel & Tourism HND 2006


Katerina DavradouAlpine’s HND Degree in Travel & Tourism Management is a unique programme which combines academics with a first-hand knowledge of the industry and helps future managers develop into tomorrow’s leaders. As Secretary of the Student Council, I found it incredibly stimulating to be able to contribute to the school’s activities and everyday life. Katerina Davradou, Greece, Travel & Tourism HND, 2006 


John Levy ReanoBeing a student at Alpine Center not only provides me with a passport to a future, it also provides me with a visa to have a rewarding career in the hospitality industry. Alpine Center is one of the most positive and life-changing aspects of my life. My memories of Alpine will be treasured forever. One of the best memories is the excellent student-student and student-teacher rapport where everybody helps each other to achieve their goals. Alpine really put a lasting smile on my face. John Levy Reano, Philippines, Culinary Arts Diploma 2006


Vanessa KoustasI have been working on a cruise ship, at the Reception desk of Paul Gauguin, 5 star cruise ship company, travelling in French Polynesia.It is really a great job, hard at the beginning but nothing more rewarding than seeing guests come back to thank me for the services I was able to provide to them. I am truly motivated working on this cruise ship because as an employee you are appreciated by your superiors especially when you demonstrate a professional attitude which was instilled in me by Alpine Center. This is the workplace where I see the results of a superior Swiss education! Vanessa Koustas, Greece, Hotel Management 2005


The internationally respected Swiss educational model, embraced at ALPINE CENTER, gives students the opportunity to have a broad and comprehensive education in the hospitality industry. This is enhanced by Industry Placements that further prepares students and expands their horizons for successful careers. The friendly and cooperative environment at ALPINE is another big plus in helping students reach their full potential. Jason Tinios, Greece


I would like to thank once more all the members of the faculty, past and present. However, the biggest thank goes to my father who has always encouraged me and helped me decide that Alpine would be good for my future.
A big thank you as well to Mrs. Hofmann who always had her door open and who was always available for students. Now, as I leave, my feelings and emotions are a mixture of joy and fear, yet I know that the faculty and the experience of Alpine will remain in my heart forever. Marina Remy, Switzerland


From the moment I inquired about the Food and Beverage Programme at Alpine, the entire staff attended to all my needs and concerns in a highly professional and efficient manner. The programme of study reflects the highest quality and is certainly a reflection of the dedication and professionalism of the staff and management. Margaret Vaz, Canada


Being the first Native African to graduate from Alpine with a BA(Hons) demonstrates that it does not matter from what part of the world you come from, Alpine will help make you the best you can be in and be a productive and responsible member of our global village. Mulando Matibini, Zambia


My first year at Alpine has been exceptional. Alpine helps people get prepared for the professional world, and fills the student with real-world experiences, up-to-date knowledge and valuable skills. I was very touched by the friendly, helpful and professional atmosphere. Alpine is a big family that enjoys learning and I’m happy to be part of it. Velina Vasileva, Russia


The student formula (ALPINE= Professionalism + Education + Personality). Once you have this formula the world is yours. Kyembe Kapumba, Zambia

I had some concerns about going ‘back to school’ as a mature student after several years of being self-employed. But at Alpine I needn’t have worried. I soon felt part of a large and happy family. Now, in my second term, I’m looking forward to working in the kitchens of the Olympic Village this summer, and I already have several ‘irons in the fire’ for when I graduate from Alpine next year. April Hardy, England


I’m currently completing my dissertation on the future development of the Jordanian tourism industry. Once I’ve completed this and my BA (Hons) degree, I intend to enroll in the new MA in Hospitality and Tourism Leadership programme at Alpine. I was a direct entry student to the BA (Hons) programme at Alpine and one of the biggest surprises in the course--apart from the many different nationalities studying and teaching at Alpine--was the large amount of individual research you have to carry out guided by the continual and encouraging attention you receive from the tutors. I found this very worthwhile as I didn’t want to sit in a lecture room all day! Mohammad Abdo, Jordan


Alpine does not only teach you about the hospitality industry, it also teaches you how to look after yourself personally in preparation for the ‘real world’. Having come from Zimbabwe where everything was handed to me on a silver platter, I finally learned how to manage and balance my personal and professional life at Alpine. George Kalamatas, Zimbabwe


Alpine Center is not only a school that offers its students the best education in hospitality, emphasizing the importance of having a professional attitude, but also provides students with a unique opportunity to meet other students from around the world. Taraneh (Tara) Tanha, Sweden


Alpine has opened my mind to new cultures and possibilities, and helped me find my aim in life which was once lost. Joseph Chalfoun, Lebanon


Although I have only been three months at Alpine for the MA programme for International Hospitality and Tourism Leadership, I have found it to be both exciting and challenging. The teachers are fantastic and extend their help to us generously. I am thrilled to have enrolled in this programme, and am confident that I will enjoy the rest of the courses and my dissertation until I graduate. Serene Gavelas, Greece/Palestine

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