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It's fair to say that hospitality education comes in many shapes and sizes from many areas across the globe. Few of them can though be found in such a beautiful surrounding as Alpine Center, India.

Goa is the dream destination for people from all over the world and the number one holiday destination for a large number of Indians as well. It is not only the long never ending beaches, Golden sands, swaying palm trees, sunset all put together and forever etched on your mind that attracts tourists to Goa: it is everything from the rich cultural heritage which can be found in the region, the spice tours, the churches, the flea market in Anjuna, the elephant tours, the restaurants to the pure relaxation to be in such a beautiful place.

Swiss Alpine Center has forged a partnership with Sea Reliance MarineServices in Goa, India and have set up an Academy for Hospitality, Cruise, Culinary and Tourism studies. Read more on our blog

Welcome to Wonderful Goa!

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