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Alpine Center is the Ferrari of Hospitality & Tourism Management Schools in Greece!

Join Alpine Center and drive your career to a huge and successful destination!

 One wonders what makes Alpine Center, the Swiss Business School of Hospitality & Tourism Education, now in its 24th year of operation in Greece, the absolute leader in providing hospitality education since decades?

First and foremost, Alpine Center’s Portfolio of Courses offers something for everyone: Hospitality and tourism is a vast industry with many different career paths.  If you want to manage a hotel, or a travel agency, or a spa, or be an event organizer, or maybe a chef, or an entrepreneur managing your own business, Alpine’s different programmes of study will offer you specialized courses to meet your career objectives.

Secondly, Alpine’s International Faculty is highly qualified with a combination of academic achievement and management–level professional work experience!  They are dedicated and committed to students’ success.

Thirdly, Alpine’s Industry Advisory Board comprising of owners and general managers of leading hospitality and tourism companies in Greece and abroad, ensures that the programmes of study are very relevant and prepare students for successful careers. Advisory Board members are invited as guest speakers in the classroom.  They also participate in the annual Career Day when students are interviewed and offered internship and career opportunities.

 And perhaps one of the most important reasons for Alpine’s outstanding reputation is the success rate in placing all students in leading hotels, restaurants and travel agencies all over the world on internships, and upon graduation, in assisting all students in embarking on their careers by helping them find appropriate jobs in the countries they wish to work. You will rarely find an unemployed Alpine graduate!  Alpine’s Career & Placement Office ensures that every Alpiner is employed!

In the academic year 2010-11 Alpine Center welcomed students from 48 different countries. Hospitality and tourism is a worldwide industry.  An appreciation and understanding of other cultures is essential to career success. Alpine offers its students this opportunity to mingle with and learn from students from all over the world.

The hospitality and tourism industry offers abundant opportunity for students seeking careers in a dynamic, international industry.  If you possess strong communication skills and a desire to provide excellent service to others this fast-paced industry may be for you.  In this case, nobody can prepare you for your successful journey better than Alpine Center!

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