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Air Safe Certification

Short Course
Certificate of Achievement
1 day

Air Safe by Protect Ltd. in collaboration with Swiss Alpine Center, are offering the 1st and original course within the aviation industry in regards to what today is called "unruly passenger" by IATA.
Air Safe was developed in 1997 by Mr. Gil, a former operational member of what many consider the top special forces unit in the world "Yamam". Mr. Gil was able to identify weaknesses while travelling, internationally and mostly within domestic aviation. Not until 2014 a course called Unruly Passenger Prevention and Response was developed by IATA. A course that is more or less identical with our original Air Safe Course.

Air Safe Course Outline


  • Unruly and disruptive passengers Zero tolerance
  • ICAO/IATA standards, recommended practices and legal aspects Terrorist tactics
  • Counterterrorism policy


  • Body language, suspicious behavior, clothing and general appearance Evaluate safety and/or security risks
  • Strategy

Mental Training

  • Handling physical and mental abuse, controlling situations while under pressure and increasing stress levels
  • Communication skills and de-escalation Hand signals

Defense Training

  • Anatomy – vulnerable points
  • Basic strikes and kicks
  • Joint locks, submission, restraint and disable on the ground
  • Teamwork & Leadership training

Simulation Training Drills

  • Practical unarmed defence techniques Defense against weapons and common objects
  • Teamwork and strategy, when, how and who to approach if assistance is required
  • Practical scenario based training, decision making while under stress, confusion, distraction and disorientation
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