The MSc Global Management and Innovation aims to provide valuable employability skills with a problem-based, practice-focused approach that clearly evaluates learning as a life-long attitude. With a clear and specific attitude towards knowledge that evaluates the importance of the human factor in every single aspect of management (from HR to strategy, from organisational behaviour to marketing), the MSc Global Management and Innovation creates future professionals readied for competitive global markets, aware of how to effectively embrace change and uncertainty in order to innovate.

We have designed our programme to include students who do not necessarily hold a degree in Management, Business or related areas. Wherever you are looking for a career change, you would like to gain managerial skills to be ahead of your game in the workplace, or simply deepen your knowledge in Global Management and the role of Innovation in the modern economy, this programme is for you.


Who is it for?

  • Anyone aspiring to make a difference, to change and innovate in a variety of sectors
  • People wanted to learn more about innovation and how to ride the next disruptions
  • Everyone looking for a promotion or a career change
  • Whoever dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and doesn't have the right tools to do it
  • Individuals interested in learning the latest managerial and business models, and how to successfully apply them in an international context

Possible careers include...

  • International managers, executives, directors and team leaders
  • Project managers
  • Head of Innovation
  • Head of Learning and Development
  • Talent and Acquisition
  • Entrepreneurs and start-uppers
  • ... and so much more

Course Content

Globalisation and Contemporary Management Issues (15 credits)
Organisations in the modern era face challenges and issues that are profoundly related to local and global scenarios. It is imperative for managers to recognise and understand the peculiarities that arise from managing a business internationally.

The module offers a clear understanding of contemporary thoughts in global management and relative issues. It covers aspects such as sustainability, climate and resource issues, corporate responsibility and ethics, social and political aspects of ownership, and changes in HR.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Innovation (15 credits)
The module aims to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the global marketing environment and the ways to strategically enter a target market, while subsequently creating and maintaining a competitive advantage that can guarantee success for the business.

Data-driven Financial Decision Making (15 credits)
In the global environment, managers and financial decision-makers should always be aware of their impact on the organisation as well as on social matters, and their ethical responsibilities towards the community in which they operate. In order to foster this attitude, the module will provide graduate students with a clear understanding of what financial and managerial accounting is and how to properly translate this information to make an informed decision in strategic planning and control.

Applied Research Methods for Disruption (15 credits)
The course is designed to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of data presentation and data analysis that are useful in organisational decision making and in solving business problems. Students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills for “in-company” project work, through the writing and presenting of reports.

Digital Strategies and Competitive Advantage in the Global Environment (15 credits)
Creating a competitive advantage is a prerequisite for the successful development of any company in any industry and country. Managers must consider a wide variety of factors, including the technology affecting their company, the macro and business environment, institutional and regulatory context and global perspective – in order to work out the appropriate strategic decisions. Inadequate knowledge and understanding of these factors can have a detrimental effect on the company.

The module focuses on the practical tools and techniques used in the decision-making process of a company to create its sustainable competitive advantage in a global context, with a particular focus on technology.

Innovation and Design Process (15 credits)
Contemporary management theories recognise the fundamental role of innovation and design as ways of thinking and analyse the business in order to gain or maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Furthermore, most of the prominent organisations in the Fortune 500 list are innovation-driven companies. Because innovation has proven to be a difficult, uncertain, and a risky matter, managers and entrepreneurs will benefit from learning how to manage innovation strategically and operationally in relation to technology, market, and processes.

Global Innovation Challenge (30 credits)
Students entering the business world need to develop certain skills and competencies to increase their practical experience. During this course, students will be encouraged to simulate the working environment through a real-life team project.

Global Innovation Project (30 credits)
The module supports and guides students towards the production of an independent piece of original business research taking the form of a business research project. Students will have the opportunity to apply their prior knowledge to real-life research questions that arise from their placement experience and will learn to undertake and critically assess business research, its impact and its contextual nature.

+2 Elective Modules from:

Managing Change through Creativity and Design Thinking (15 credits)
Managers at all levels benefit from understanding how to creatively solve problems, identify opportunities, and generate ideas that, in different ways, are innovative and produce a benefit to organisations. The module’s nature and content thrive from a deep understanding of strategic management and organisational behaviour while recognising the fundamental roles that innovation, change and creativity have in determining business success.

Knowledge Management in the Innovative Organisation (15 credits)
Recently knowledge has been the focus and a key topic in management studies. Understanding how to properly unleash the potential of intellectual capital and knowledge resources within an organisation is said to be the new competitive advantage of the modern era. The module is designed to support students to critically evaluate and analyse the different dimensions of knowledge management and how these affect the way organisations learn, store and produce knowledge.

Project Management Methodologies (15 credits)
In modern business, project management is a skill that is very much in demand across almost every department, sector, and country of operations. Managers are therefore required to appreciate the principles and methodologies offered by project management and apply them to improve the efficiency of the company, as well as its ability to be agile and adaptable through disruptions.

Leadership for Global Organisations (15 credits)
The purpose of the course is to increase one’s capacity to lead with and without authority, across boundaries, and from any political or organisational position. Students will understand that leadership is not just a matter of the individual but can be looked at through six lenses: leadership as a person, as a position, as a process, as a result, as a place, as a purpose.


Teaching & Assessment

You will be assessed through a variety of coursework, from essays to projects, group work to portfolios. No written exams in the mix!

We use a block teaching schedule, which allows us to concentrate on two 15 credit modules or one 30 credit module every 6 weeks. To promote engagement, students will attend group preparation classes in the morning, as a way of facilitating learning through independent research, peer feedback, and critical thinking.

Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there!


What our Alpiner’s Say:

I would highly recommend Alpine Center to potential students who wish to build a career in the challenging world of hospitality, and to gain international work experience. more

Alpine Center: a solid ground to take off towards Hospitality Management.  3 great years that will always stay in my mind! more

Alexander Kyramarios-Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management

Alexander Kyramarios

Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management 2010

The fresh, exciting and relevant classes offered by Alpine Center suited my needs perfectly. more

I have completed my most unforgettable internship in the luxurious 5-star St Regis Hotel in Doha, Qatar:  a 5 months’ internship filled with challenges, learning new skills and techniques more

I took control of my professional development and studied at my own pace and on my own schedule. Two years later I am so pleased to have learned so much and have earned the prestigious awards from both Alpine & AHLEI. more

I am a proud graduate of the Alpine Centre, the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management.   Being from Lebanon,  I chose to study at this Swiss school’s campus located in Greece. more

Distance Learning is ideal for working people who want to raise the bar and move forward in their career! more

From day one we learned to always push ourselves beyond excellence and then push some more. Its true what they say about the alpine formula: ALPINE= Professionalism + Education + Personality. more

I’ve been given the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who soon became like my second family, as well as the doorstep to travel the world both while I study and later when I begin working. more

Swiss Alpine Center, one of the premier Hospitality & Tourism Business Schools in Europe, was my first and final choice when I decided to further my education. more

I gained more than I bargained for thanks to the Alpine family with the chance to interact with individuals from different corners of the world and society, network with successful professionals and organizations more

Patrick Loutfi-Spa Management Specialization

Patrick Loutfi

Spa Management Specialization 2010

Alpine Center provides courses that cover a wide and valuable range of issues concerning the spa industry and how to operate a spa facility efficiently and effectively. more

Hospitality Management was not my first choice but it was my final one, I had a passion to work with the people and help the environment. more

Panagiotis Grigoriou-Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management

Panagiotis Grigoriou

Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management 2019

I find the training I have received at the Four Seasons Astir Vouliagmeni, prior to its opening, most inspiring. I feel privileged and can foresee a brilliant career ahead of me. more

Alpine Center gives great opportunities to its students, and as a Culinary Arts graduate I really want to thank all the teachers as they have done the best job. more









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