The EdTech business sector is estimated to be worth around £3.4 billion in 2021 in the UK alone, and steadily growing worldwide due to the recent pandemic. Whether your interest lies in leading schools, working at universities, launch a new start-up, or becoming the head of a talent and acquisition programme in a multinational, it is paramount to not only understand how individuals learn, but also how to apply such skills in an entrepreneurial context.

Whether you hold an degree in Education and you are ready to learn the business side of your next venture, or you want to understand how we learn to be more successful in your EduTech business, we will not hold you back. Regardless of your previous academic studies, this Masters programme is sure to stimulate you.


This Course is for...

  • Anyone interested in learning and digital technologies
  • Teachers looking to be promoted in a Senior Management position
  • Individuals that come from an educational background looking to gain managerial skills and competencies, and viceversa
  • Entrepreneurs and start-uppers taking on the EduTech sector
  • Talent, Learning and Development experts who feel the need to upskill themselves

Possible careers include

  • EduTech entrepreneurs and start-uppers
  • School Senior leaders and business managers
  • Talent and Leadership team leaders
  • Educational and Edutech consultants
  • Edutech Heads of Department
  • and many more!

Course Content

EduTech and Instructional Design (30 credits)
When it comes to education, one of the most important aspects of teaching and learning strategies revolve around instructional design. In other words, we need to make sure that the teaching materials we prepare are relevant to the learning we want to achieve, our resources are appropriate and that they are accessible, and that the assessment is linked to the learning outcomes we intended when designing a course.

During this module, students will have the opportunity to test out instructional design principles for traditional and online learning, evaluating the role of embedded EdTech tools in the mix.

Agile Digital Transformation (15 credits)
In the past, organisations from around the world had to deal with the rapid growth of the use of technology and its applications within every aspect of the business.

The module focuses on the practical tools, practices, processes, and techniques used to deploy successful digital transformation projects.

Students will be introduced to the internal and external factors that can make or break these types of projects, including the role of customers in the ever-complex mix. Topics such as digital leadership, change management and the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) of the digital world will be introduced, to facilitate a deeper understanding of the processes, models and capabilities involved.

Theories of teaching and Learning (15 credits)
We have always been fascinated with how we learn, and the best ways to teach others the knowledge and skills we have. Since Socrates, we understand that knowledge is powerful, and we aim to maximise our ability to interpret the world around us.

In this course, we will look at the traditional theories of teaching and learning, using case studies to better understand their practical implications, and we will investigate how and if we are learning differently from the past, and whether fancy tech tools are always better than traditional ones.

Digital Storytelling and Video Production (30 credits)
A fundamental part of our teaching and learning is based upon effective storytelling and the ability of the “mentor” to paint a vibrant picture of a concept, fact, or anything else we learn. Visual aids such as videos have a significant impact on our success in learning while being thoroughly engaged and our creativity pushed to the limits.

During the module, we will learn the rules of effective storytelling, in particular in a digital context through a variety of means – from presentations to powerful speeches – and look at how videos can come to our aid when teaching and learning.

Blended Learning and New Ways of Teaching in Practice (15 credits)
Blended learning is not a novel concept, and it involves more than just using digital means to teach. During the recent pandemic, teachers from all sectors had to come to terms with the need for integrating face-to-face activities within a virtual environment. Some of these experiments turned out to be very successful, whilst others did not perform as expected. During this course, students will have the opportunity to simulate class dynamics and test out ideas for blended learning.

Tech Tools for Digital Learning (15 credits)
The recent global pandemic has shone a light on the importance of accounting for new ways of teaching and learning. Employees in all sectors, positions and roles need to acquire new skills and knowledge, to continue to be relevant and bring growth within an organisation.

Contemporary best practices in the global context will provide students with effective solutions that can be looked at for understanding the limits and possibilities of digital learning.

EduTech Challenge (30 credits)
Anyone interested in learning more about the EduTech sector and its potential ramifications needs to develop certain skills and a set of competencies to increase their practical experience, particular to the EdTech start-up world. Whether you are interested in starting your own business in the education sector or working in a start-up environment, you will require certain knowledge and skills that are linked to an entrepreneurial mindset. During this course, students will be given the opportunity to work on their own EdTech start-up idea and bring it to life.

Educational Project (30 credits)
The module supports and guides students towards the production of an independent piece of original research taking the form of a project in the EdTech sector. Students will have the opportunity to apply their prior knowledge to real-life research questions that arise from their placement or work experience and will learn to undertake and critically assess business research, its impact on the educational sector and its contextual nature.

Passion is the thing that will help you create the highest expression of your talent!


What our Alpiner’s Say:

I’ve loved my time here in Alpine. The course subjects were very interesting, specific in their aims and broad in their teaching. more

Hospitality Management was not my first choice but it was my final one, I had a passion to work with the people and help the environment. more

I am a proud graduate of the Alpine Centre, the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management.   Being from Lebanon,  I chose to study at this Swiss school’s campus located in Greece. more

From day one we learned to always push ourselves beyond excellence and then push some more. Its true what they say about the alpine formula: ALPINE= Professionalism + Education + Personality. more

The name “Alpine Center” is synonymous with eminent success and high-reaching progress through setting goals and achieving them. more

Alpine Center: a solid ground to take off towards Hospitality Management.  3 great years that will always stay in my mind! more

I’ve been given the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who soon became like my second family, as well as the doorstep to travel the world both while I study and later when I begin working. more

Distance Learning is ideal for working people who want to raise the bar and move forward in their career! more

To achieve my goals, I trusted with all my heart Swiss Alpine Center, which provided me great learning opportunities, encouraged me all the way for self-improvement and rendered this lifelong education process an exciting journey that one does not want to end. more

Sandra Preye Nelson Charpidou-BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Sandra Preye Nelson Charpidou

BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management 2020

The program of study is so comprehensive that now at the end of my studies I can’t just believe how much I have learned about the details that are so important and make a difference in a successful hotel operation. more

Alpine Center gives great opportunities to its students, and as a Culinary Arts graduate I really want to thank all the teachers as they have done the best job. more

The biggest thank you to all to all my lecturers over the years. You were the best I could ever hope for! more

Patrick Loutfi-Spa Management Specialization

Patrick Loutfi

Spa Management Specialization 2010

Alpine Center provides courses that cover a wide and valuable range of issues concerning the spa industry and how to operate a spa facility efficiently and effectively. more

My learning experience was beyond expectations. I obtained a sound grasp of the global event industry and advanced my skills in event management. more

Alexander Kyramarios-Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management

Alexander Kyramarios

Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management 2010

The fresh, exciting and relevant classes offered by Alpine Center suited my needs perfectly. more









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