Alpine Alumni Ambassadors Association Reunite!

On 8 March a capacity crowd of Alpine’s graduates of classes as far back as 1987 gathered at the spectacular Galaxy Bar of the Athens Hilton Hotel where the Maitre D is an Alpine graduate himself.  One of the reasons for the reunion was to open a time capsule that was sealed by a number of graduates back in the year 2000.  Alumni laughed at the forms they had filled then, predicting their future ten years from then.

Alpine Alumni Reunion

Alpine’s President, Sybil Hofmann, expressed her gratitude to many graduates who have not only kept in touch with their alma mater but also offered valuable assistance, expertise, and support to Alpine College (formerly Alpine Center) over the years.  They’ve returned to Alpine as guest speakers, as keynote speakers at the graduation ceremony, and currently serve on Alpine’s Industry Advisory Board.  Some have brought consultancy business to Alpine while others have helped with the launch of new courses.  A graduate was instrumental in the new website that Alpine launched a few years ago, while another serves as an External Examiner on the University of Wales courses.   Some graduates are employed by Alpine while others are working for companies that supply Alpine with products and services.   Many graduates have offered Alpine students and graduates industry placements and career opportunities.  And the network grows!


Alpine Alumni Reunion 2010


 Alpine’s Academic Dean, Dr Georgios Papageorgiou, informed alumni of the new programmes that are planned for Fall 2010:  the Master’s in International Hospitality & Tourism Leadership will be offered online together with two new MBAs in International Hospitality & Tourism and in Entrepreneurship.  A Spa Management Certificate online course is already on offer and a Yacht Executive Training Certificate course will soon be launched. 

Alpine Alumni


Alan Furlong, Alpine’s Hotel School Director, and head of Alpine’s Consultancy Unit (ACU) informed Alumni of the range of hospitality related consultancy services offered by ACU with the aim of “optimizing performance and maximizing profitability.”

Alpine Staff

The President of the Alpine Alumni Ambassadors Association, Anastasios Mexas,  Manager of two Aquis Hotels on Corfu, was pleased to offer two prizes of weekends for two at Aquis Hotels, whereas Alpine’s President offered a scholarship on the Master’s course at a draw towards the end of the evening.  Mr Mexas said “We have a lot to be proud of at Alpine, and thanks to the support, guidance and creative ideas of Alpine’s Alumni, our alma mater is reaching new heights.  Our plan is to host a Gala Dinner on the occasion of Alpine’s  25th Anniversary in 2012 to recognize all its valued alumni who have contributed to Alpine’s continued success.”