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The Halloween Party | Friday 12th November

Friday the 12'th of November 2010, for most people it was just another Friday night, nothing special about it, but for us Alpiners, every Friday night is special, especially when it’s the night of our annual Halloween party.

Alpine Center, Haloween PartyThe event took place at the bar and restaurant area on Alpine’s campus, which is located by the beach in Glyfada. Preparation for the event started early, with different teams running around and accomplishing different tasks to ensure the night came together flawlessly; the culinary students prepared a wide selection of hot, cold, sweet and savoury finger foods and canapés, as well as carving some pumpkins to add to the authenticity of the event. Our hotel management students polished there shakers and prepared their muddlers so we could serve cocktails to our thirsty guests, and thanks to our resident DJ, we danced the night away. 

Alpine Center, Haloween PartyThe main purpose of the evening was to provide the opportunity for the staff and students of Alpine and City Unity, Alpines new educational partner institution, to come together to strengthen existing ties and for students and faculty of each institution to forge both networking and links of friendship. Special thanks must be extended to Jameson Whiskey, which sponsored the event with plenty of their golden nectar, in addition to an educational whiskey seminar for our students prior to the event, hosted by their dynamic ambassador, Despina. 

Due to the hard work of all those involved, the renowned Alpine hospitality, the fantastic mix of international cultures and a superb commitment to our new collaboration the night was an outstanding success.

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