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Spa Management Diploma

Diploma in Spa Management
Greece, Online Campus
Part Time


The main aim of the Certificate in Spa Management programme is to equip individuals with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in employment in the spa industry at supervisory or management level. Should students be interested in expanding their knowledge into the general hospitality management field, then the 12 course Hospitality & Spa Management Diploma will offer a range of skills, techniques, and paths for progression into the hospitality industry.


The main objectives of the course are to enable its members to demonstrate:

a range of skills, techniques, personal qualities and attributes essential for successful performance in working life, enabling them to make an immediate contribution to employment at the appropriate professional level;
the knowledge, understanding and skills for success in employment in related industries; a capacity to raise the level of their academic attainment according to their individual capabilities and the specific requirements of the course;
the ability to further professional qualification in a related area.


Students who successfully complete the following five core modules will receive a 5-Course Certificate of Specialisation in Spa Management:

  • Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction  #120
  • Retail Management for Spas  #220
  • Financial Management for Spas  #367
  • Supervision in the Hospitality Industry#250
  • Managing Front Office Operations #333


Students who additionally complete the following seven modules get an 12-Course Hospitality & Spa Management Diploma

  • Hospitality Today: An Introduction#103
  • Managing Housekeeping Operations #338
  • Management of Food and Beverage Operations#241
  • Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry #468
  • Security and Loss Prevention Management #387
  • Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry#304
  • Revenue Management: Maximizing Revenue in Hospitality Operations #374


Upon successful completion of each course you will receive a Certificate from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, and upon completion of the 12 courses, you will receive a 12-Course Diploma in Hospitality & Spa Management from the Alpine Center, the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management.


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