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Luxury Service Training

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Online Campus
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On this Online Course you will learn the principles of Luxury Service Training:

Always have the correct product knowledge of the hotel brand you are representing.

Memorize names, taste, and customs of your guests. Deliver a robust sensory experience with a few touches of sophistication on your appearance: every detail needs meticulous attention from the shine on your shoes to flawless nails and a spotless suit or dress. Prepare the moment you walk into the room with the first eye-to-eye contact with your first Client. Be prepared to succeed!" Preparation is all about understanding what your customers are expecting.

Customers were never so demanding and well educated. Never before have we had such a wide choice of goods, services, lifestyles, and channels of distribution. It was more than enough to be there for many years: conveniently available and sufficiently competent to provide a service. It's gone those days. Our job now is to reinvent and deliver real added value so that customers do not doubt what they prefer: being served by a human being is better than by a machine or an algorithm.

We, as service professionals should aim for the highest standards in our customer relationships. We must be ready to create magic at all times. Competition and our market demands do not give us an option.

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