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Conquer Yourself Leadership Camp Greece

Short Courses
Certificate of Achievement
2 Weeks

06 July – 19 July 2015 & 23 July – 05 August 2015 (Summer Camps)

Two unique weeks that will teach you a variety of skills and teach you to overcome difficulties.

Train intensive Krav Maga with one of the worlds best instructors. Intensive Krav Maga one of the best self defense forms there is. In this summer camp you will learn how to defend yourself very well, its fun and great exercise. Discover Greece where adventure is always around the corner. Our team cooking theme, with a new dish from a different country every night, followed by evenings with guest speakers from undercover special forces units and experts on current global issues and topics. You will learn and hear true, real life stories of leadership, courage and survival. During this summer camp your days will be filled with adventure and action. Discover the excellence in training, strength of body and resilience of spirit that make up Krav Maga in a variety of teambuilding and leadership focused activites. Real training, the real way.

What You will Learn in this Summer Camp

English as a Second Language

Students at the Leaderhip Summer Camp will immerse themselves in the English language while participating in a variety of activities. They will improve both their oral , written and public speaking skills. 

Krav Maga

One of the worlds best self defense forms. Developed during the second world war, to be taught to as many as possible in the shortest possible time. Protect Krav Maga is the most reality and battle tested Krav Maga there is. Develop sufficient skills to protect yourself against a bigger stronger attacker, as well as against multiple attackers and gun and knives. As real as it gets. Our dynamic programs are open to those aged 13-19. Life essential skills, as well as a foundation of learning realistic self defence techniques and concepts. Confidence which will enable you to avoid trouble, as well as teaching you how to handle yourself if a situation escalates to violence. As parents you can rest assure that when they start to venture out into the world on their own they are better equiped to take care of themselves than 95% of other people their age. 

Teamwork & Responsibility

Teamwork that will create bonds forever. While under pressure, with stress, confusion, disorientation and distraction, you will need to rely on each other and work together as one group, one unit. Even with the skills you will learn, you will clearly see the need and advantage of working together. 

Master Youth Etiquette

Politeness / Build self-confidence / Creating a good state of mind / Voice / Decorum /  Mobile phone etiquette / Dress sense / Clothes care / Personal Hygiene /Banners /Deportment / Introducing yourself and saying your name / Shaking hands /Eye contact / Body language / Writing thank you notes /  Royalty Curtesy / Proper table manners

Leadership & Decision Making

Learn to be proactive vs. reactive, to adapt and improvise and be flexible. Communicate and listen like a leader. Learn how to take initiative, organize and delegate tasks. A good leader is open minded and open to change and it is all about decision making. 

Team Sports & Activities

Tearn valuable teamwork skills while having fun playing your favorite sports such as soccer, american football, volleyball and test your skills in both individual and team competitions. Our one day discover scuba diving is a must. Paintball, hostage and rescue missions will be performed at night and planned according to real special forces missions guidelines. 

Action & Outdoor Adventure

Have a ton of fun while learning many new and exciting activities. Your team will have a destination you must reach before a set deadline, so while being tracked and chased by other teams, you are forced to use rafts or improvised transportation to get by. How to infiltrate another team to do a search and rescue mission at night. Navigation and covert operations. Your team will have to find a way of getting into an area undetected and get out again. 


Greece is an adventure in every direction you look. Friendly people and nature that is nothing less than breathtaking. Wilderness mixed with beautiful beaches everywhere. 

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