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BA International Hospitality & Tourism Management

BA (Hons)
3 Years or 1 Top Up


Our philosophy of Hospitality management studies: The hospitality industry, which includes the four principal sectors of lodging, transportation, food and beverage and recreation, is the fastest-growing industry in the world today. Whenever you travel, dine out, or spend an evening away from home, you are enjoying "hospitality".

By offering varied as well as interesting programmes of study, ALPINE can prepare you for a career in any or all sectors of the hospitality industry. Our unique approach to education and training in this field ensures that your own needs will be met - whether you are seeking a specialized position or one that will allow greater job mobility.


One of the big advantages of studying hospitality management is the transferable skills gained through such an education. Simply put, transferable skills are those that can be applied to, and are in demand by, businesses not necessarily under the umbrella of hospitality and tourism services.

In general, they are technical skills such as communications technology, people skills, sales and marketing skills, finance and accountancy skills, and the very latest in top hospitality management practices and theories. Some of ALPINE's graduates can be found working successfully in non-hospitality/tourism occupations belonging to the service management industries also known as the experience economy, including telecommunications, training and education, banking, consultancy, human resource consultancy, sales and marketing, finance, and television and broadcasting to name a few.

This final year top-up degree programme offers specialization in the management of international hospitality and tourism organisations. The focus of the programme is on entrepreneurship development and aims to equip students with business competencies for managing financial, operational and strategic decisions.

The program is offered on a full-time and part-time basis and offers two intakes in October and April.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Admissions Requirements
  • Hospitality and Tourism Business Environment
    Rooms Division Operations
    F&B Service Management
    Finance for Managers
    Management Theory & Practice
    Personal Development Planning
    Business Applications
    Industrial Work Experience
    Customer Service Workshops
    Applied Hotel Operations
  • Hospitality Operations & Control Management
    Issues in Culinary Arts Management
    Law and Ethics in Hospitality and Tourism
    Marketing for THE
    Human Resource Management for THE
    Industrial Work Experience (Year 1 & Year 2)
    Financial Planning for Business
    Integrated Project
    Applied Hotel Supervision
  • International Hospitality and Tourism Management
    Tourism Planning and Development
    Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Public relations for THE
    Hotel Logistics
    Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
    Corporate Finance
    Research Methods
    Enterprise Project
    Independent Study
    Revenue Management
  • Holders of Higher National Diplomas or accredited Swiss Alpine Diplomas in Hotel Management, Events and Conventions Management, or Culinary Arts.
    We welcome applications from mature students without formal qualifications or traditional entry requirements but with relevant experience and a proficient level of English with the ability to pursue the programme successfully.
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